The Importance of Having a Dedicated Space For Creative & Communication Professionals

dedicated creative space for communication professionals

Those who choose to pursue a degree in communications are often drawn to the field because they want to do creative work. But does it matter where they do that work?

Laptop computers, mobile devices and the ability to connect to WIFI would appear to have rendered outdated the idea of having a dedicated space in which to work. The predominance of working from home since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic would appear to have further validated the practice of “working anywhere.”

For creative work, however, there are clear benefits to having a dedicated workspace, whether it is a writing space, an office or a studio. A dedicated space could also be a desk, a favorite bench in a park, or a preferred table in a coffee shop or library. 

A dedicated space in which to write, edit video, or do other creative work is not a necessity but having one can certainly offer multiple advantages, including:

Blocking out distractions. Most creatives insist that a space free of distractions helps with focus and concentration, both of which are needed to produce worthwhile work.

Providing inspiration to create. While a creative space should be free of distractions, it can be helpful if the space contains one or more objects that spark creativity. Examples could include a favorite photograph or painting, or a treasured souvenir. Listening to a favorite album or playlist while working can have the same effect. 

Establishing a routine. Making going to your creative space part of your routine sends a message to your brain that you are at work, and it’s time now to buckle down and be productive.

Overcoming creative blocks. It is often said that if you wait to be inspired you will never get any creative work done. Showing up in your creative space can be an effective first step in overcoming writer’s block and other self-imposed barriers that keep creatives from being productive.

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