Why A Second-Degree BSN Makes A Great Nurse

why a second degree bsn makes a great nurse

Great nurses are constantly in need. Pennsylvania, in fact, is one of the top 5 states with the highest employment level for registered nurses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People with bachelor’s degrees in other fields have not missed their chance to join the growing nursing field. In fact, those skills and the experience that comes from their varied backgrounds, along with a second degree BSN can lead to them becoming great nurses.  

Research reported by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing shows that a striking majority — 82.4% — of nursing employers express a strong preference for Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) program graduates, and 41.1% of hospitals and other health care settings require one, with that number growing every year.  According to the AACN, “a significant body of research shows that nurses with baccalaureate level preparation are linked to better patient outcomes, including lower mortality and failure-to-rescue rates.” If you are considering switching careers, a second bachelor’s degree in nursing may be the way to go. 

Second-degree nurses are well-rounded and committed
Because a second-degree nurse has already proven they can work hard for a bachelor’s degree, they are often hardworking and dedicated people who have taken the time to really think this through. Switching careers can be challenging, and going back to school is no easy feat, but as a result, second bachelor’s degree nurses are committed to the work they do and tend to really care about it.

Nurses who obtain a BSN as their second bachelor’s degree often bring a level of well-roundedness from that first degree. Whether they worked in customer service or studied history before making the change, there is no denying that a first degree augments a nurse’s work. Second-degree nurses are personable, caring and committed to understanding diverse populations and providing compassionate care.

Second-degree nurses are empathetic and agile  
Nurses who have earned a bachelor’s degree before their BSN bring a unique flexibility and compassion to health care that helps better serve patients. As we said in a recent blog post, all nurses can play an important role in educating patients to make empowered choices about their health. Having the experience of a prior degree and career provides a unique lens to help see situations from the eyes of the patients.

Carlow prepares nurses who are strong patient advocates
A BS in Nursing not only will change your life’s professional trajectory, but it will also impact the lives of the many patients you will have the opportunity to serve.

  • Carlow University’s second degree BSN is an accelerated curriculum that can be completed in as few as 15 months.
  • Carlow graduates achieve the highest licensure pass rates in the region. The December 2022 cohort achieved a 100% 1st-time pass rate on the NCLEX-RN examination.
  • Carlow University’s tuition rate is $695 a credit, one of the most affordable in the region when compared to other BSN programs.
  • Students can come from any degree background. Our students have BS and BA degrees in many disciplines, for example, psychology, business, health science, English and public health, to name a few.