Travel Nursing Amid Changing Care Needs

Demand for health care workers surged during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Travel nurses, in particular, were put in the spotlight as they met the need to treat severely ill patients in hospitals throughout…

Physician Assistant

Master’s in Physician Assistant: Why Telemedicine is Here to Stay

Telemedicine is redefining the relationship between patients and doctors, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers. While its use spiked during the pandemic, acceptance of the technology has been trending upward for years.


Educational Psychology: How the Pandemic Has Impacted Children’s Mental Health

The damage done to children and adolescents’ mental health during the pandemic will be long-term for those affected. It also will likely shape the field of Educational Psychology for years to come.

Communications & Creative Writing

5 Things You Will Gain by Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing

What can you gain from a bachelor’s degree in creative writing? It is a fair question. For aspiring writers, whether they want to be novelists, poets, or even digital content creators, the barriers to entry…

Data Analytics

Why Predictive Analytics is Important Now

The importance of predictive data analytics is visible from its use in the financial, healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries resulting in improved performance and well-informed fact-based decision making.


Role of Nurses As Advocates: Speaking Up For Patients

Nurses fulfill a vital role in the care of people. By working closely with patients, they can be advocates and a voice for those in their care. Advocacy is essential to improving health care. The…


How Education Leaders Can Improve Diversity in Schools

Education leaders can reinforce the importance of diversity in schools by promoting safe and secure learning environments where students feel valued, staff are heard, and curricula reflects diverse viewpoints.

Communications & Creative Writing

Skills Needed To Be A Well-Rounded Communicator

You may be a strong writer, but there are non-writing skills that can also contribute to your success. Whether you plan to work in-house for a company or as a freelancer, there are important skills…


Benefits of a Psychology Internship As a Graduate Student

The benefit of a psychology internship is that it is a great way to expand real-world experience.

Health Sciences

5 Things to Know about Physical Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Rehabilitation and healing have a new ally — a set of regenerative procedures like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections that will further strengthen the connection between orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy and their…