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How to Become a Play Therapist

Many mental health counselors are interested in working with children. You will see their offices full of fun things like crayons, stress balls, and Legos.  And while these offices are inviting and child-centered, the use…

Professional Counseling Research Brings Faculty and Students Together

In many professional counseling graduate classes, faculty often encourage students to turn their research projects into presentations that can be shared with the larger counseling community. In Dr. Travis Schermer’s research class he introduces students…

Psychology: Benefits of Play Therapy

Child development psychologists work with children, parents, and teachers to apply the principles of play therapy to help kids become capable and independent individuals. Read more about the benefits about play therapy here.

5 Creative Careers for Psychology Graduates

Psychology graduates find rewarding work far beyond the counseling office. The basic elements of a psychology degree — critical thinking, an understanding of human behavior and a grounding in research and statistics — can launch interesting careers for these graduates.