Communications & Creative Writing

3 Keys To Mastering Storytelling In Marketing Communications

3 keys to mastering storytelling in marketing communications Tell a good story—one that somehow defines your values—the essence of who you are, and why others should care—and you’ll capture the hearts and loyalty of customers…

Communications & Creative Writing

How Digital Media Has Changed Communications

Technology has transformed the way we interact. The communications field, in particular, has been greatly impacted by changes in digital media and technology.

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant Careers: For PAs, Location Matters

Upon completion of a masters in physician assistant program, a student will look ahead to the certification examination.  But after completing their certification, one of the most important decisions a newly minted physician assistant must…

Physician Assistant

Preparing for Physician Assistant Graduate School

Graduate school can be a frightening and overwhelming time for many students. Whether you are returning to school after several years or completing an undergraduate program and immediately transitioning to graduate school, it can be…

Communications & Creative Writing

10 Writing Opportunities for Students Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing

Bachelors of Creative Writing students can take advantage of the many writing opportunities, resulting in a diverse writing portfolio, getting experience with different types of writing, and exposure to more career options.

Health Sciences

How to Become a Physical Therapist

Becoming a physical therapist entails hard work and dedication. Those who are interested in entering the field need to be aware of the education, time, and steps required to successfully launch a career as a physical therapist.


The Pandemic Has Brought a New Urgency for Addiction Counseling

As the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic begins to ease, counseling professionals will find that they are needed more than ever before to help those struggling with addiction


How Technology-Based Assessments Aid Student Learning

While the pandemic put focus on technology in education, tech tools and applications have long been used in the classroom. Now, teachers are using technology to assess students abilities and learning needs.

Data Analytics

Why Storytelling is a Critical Data Analytics Skill

Data storytelling is a way to communicate insights using a combination of data, visuals, and narrative. Data analysts extract patterns and through storytelling, they can convey information that helps with decision-making.

Physician Assistant

The Expanding Role of Physician Assistants

Physician assistants are expanding their roles in several ways as medical providers seek to increase their primary-care capacity.