Carlow Professional Counseling Program Trains Counselors of Tomorrow

Jennifer, a graduate student in the Professional Counseling program at Carlow, began her training as a single mother of two, looking to create a life filled with meaning while giving back to her community.


An Innovative Way to Address the Teaching Shortage in Early Child Care

Increasing evidence shows that early childhood education significantly impacts a child’s performance in school and beyond. The teaching shortage in education is also affecting early childcare, with some innovative solutions to address the problem.

Health Sciences

The Occupation of Gratitude: Using Positivity to Promote Mental Health with School-Aged Children

Carlow University’s Occupational Therapy Program is leading the way in training their students to provide school-aged children access to positive mental health to ensure they have coping skills before they need them.

Physician Assistant

Becoming a Physician Assistant

Become a Physician assistant and join a career with extraordinary versatility in where you work, when you work and what kind of work you do. Learn how PAs are filling an important gap in access…


A Path to Educational Leadership

Whether you’re starting with a bachelor’s degree in education or going for your M.Ed. after a degree in something else, Carlow meets you where you are on your path toward educational leadership.


The Role Of Nurses In Treating Childhood Obesity

Nursing is not only a profession of compassion, but also education. Nurses’ role in educating patients and families about nutrition and wellness is valuable to fighting the obesity epidemic affecting children today.

Health Sciences

Evidence-Based Practice In Physical Therapy

Physical therapists want to make well-informed clinical decisions. That’s why many are turning to evidence-based practice through which they create a comprehensive knowledge base that improves patient treatment outcomes.


How Cross-Cultural Psychology Creates Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Many employers are acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to build better relationships in a culturally diverse workplace. Here is how cross-cultural psychology will help create psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces.


Importance Of Effective Educational Leadership

What is the importance of effective educational leadership? Education leaders guide the values of their organizations, motivate students, and encourage teachers and staff. Ultimately, they guide their organization to success.


How the Gender Pay Gap Impacts Female Nurses

According to the 2022 Nurse Salary Research Report female nurses have a $14,000 lower earnings rate than males. How does this pay gap impact female nurses and what are some things they can do to boost their earning potential?