The Journey to Nursing

Compassionate. Sharp. In your corner. Everyone has benefited from the incomparable care that comes from a nurse. Nurses can work under pressure, help patients with the treatment they require, and think critically about complex problems….


Dyslexia Awareness Month: The Importance of Recognizing Dyslexia Early in the Classroom & Instruction Methods

October is Dyslexia awareness month! People with dyslexia are often intelligent, creative and highly motivated to learn but they can become frustrated or lose interest if not provided with the tools to succeed in reading,…


Increasing Literacy In Pennsylvania Schools

Efforts to improve childhood literacy need knowledgeable and dedicated educators. As Pennsylvania embarks on a state-wide initiative to increase literacy, new competencies are being developed so educators can effectively teach reading. The Structured Literacy Approach…

Data Analytics

What tools and skills does a data analyst use?

Data analytics is an umbrella term for a huge field of interdisciplinary roles. Amazon web services (AWS) defines data analytics as the actionable insight gleaned from raw data sets. “It includes a range of tools,…


Career Spotlight: Home Health Nurse

Home health care is a path for nurses seeking autonomy and one-on-one patient relationships. It offers nurses the opportunity to make a life-changing impact outside of the traditional medical setting. What Home Health Nurses Do…

Communications & Creative Writing

What Is the Creator Economy?

Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication to launch digital media careers are likely to have many job options. This is especially true for those with the skills to be content creators, including writers, video…

Health Sciences

How Sports Physical Therapists Work with Athletes

If you aspire to be a physical therapist, your degree can open up multiple career options. One option is to work in sports medicine with athletes to help keep them at the top of their…


Gamification In K-12 Education Curriculum Design

Gamification has found a place in the classroom, but it’s not just child’s play. Gamified learning uses game design elements to motivate students. It’s not the same as playing games, rather it is a way…

Data Analytics

Where is data analytics at work in Western Pennsylvania?

The short answer, it is everywhere. Data analytics has become ubiquitous – being used in technology innovation spaces, of course, but also in neighborhoods, health care and more. Pittsburgh has become a technology hotbed and…


Why A Second-Degree BSN Makes A Great Nurse

Great nurses are constantly in need. Pennsylvania, in fact, is one of the top 5 states with the highest employment level for registered nurses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People with bachelor’s degrees…