Health Sciences

5 Things to Know about Physical Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Rehabilitation and healing have a new ally — a set of regenerative procedures like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections that will further strengthen the connection between orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy and their…

Health Sciences

Putting Healing At The Center Of Your Health Care Practice

Healing is described in many ways: a process of restoring health; an emotional and physical journey; and freedom from injury and illness. Importantly, it is the primary goal of health care. Patients need healing, and…


State Variation in Leadership Training and Development of School Principals

States across the country are working to improve school leadership, turning to both traditional and nontraditional measures to better prepare high-quality school principals. There are several factors encouraging state-level support of the recruitment, preparation and…

Communications & Creative Writing

Essential Practices For Anyone Who Wants To Use Podcasting As A Communication Medium

Podcasts are growing in popularity and introducing more opportunities for creators and listeners. In the past year, podcasts experienced a big surge as millions of people stayed home due to the pandemic. Audio content continues…


Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice: How AI Impacts Pretrial Risk Assessment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted society greatly, being used in a multitude of ways by individuals, businesses and governments. One of the most consequential applications of AI is in pretrial risk assessment. AI in Criminal…

Communications & Creative Writing

How to Find and Develop Your Writing Voice

Whether it is through a news article, company blog post or creative storytelling, writing expresses a voice. A writer’s voice refers to the stylistic mix of vocabulary, tone, point of view and syntax that makes…

Health Sciences

Literacy Coaches And Adolescent Reading Gains

Literacy remains a chief concern across the nation, with many American adolescents struggling to read at a level that allow them to perform well in school. According to the recent National Assessment for Educational Progress…

Health Sciences

Becoming a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

There is a growing need for speech-language pathologists fluent in languages other than English. This comes as no surprise considering a record 67.3 million U.S. residents spoke a language other than English at home, according…


Psychology: Benefits of Play Therapy

Child development psychologists work with children, parents, and teachers to apply the principles of play therapy to help kids become capable and independent individuals. Read more about the benefits about play therapy here.

Communications & Creative Writing

Ethical Standards for Creative Writing

Writers have a responsibility to follow ethical standards of creative writing by providing an honest representation of facts, opinions, beliefs, and research by acknowledging the contributions of others.